Sunday, May 17, 2009

the garden's we wait

i think this garden has turned into my therapy....that are a new obsession.

i trip to home depot last week revealed that enough nutrient rich garden soil to fill the whole plot would cost about $80. so i moved to plan C...C for cheap. after some reasearch i found that coffee grind and egg shells are good for the soil. Off to starbucks i went.

every starbucks store has a grinds bucket. just ask and you can get a bag full of grinds. they only save the dry espresso grinds and they are perfect.

next, egg shell. i tried to tackle this on my on. my kids love deviled eggs. however, crushed shells from a dozen egg comes out to be only about a tablespoon of powder. so i went back out in search of egg shells. the dinner down the street was happy to save their shells from saturday morning breakfast for me. i rinsed and microwave the shells to get rid of any salmonella and the kids crushed them up into about 8 cups of egg shell powder.

so i spread three bags of coffee grinds, egg shells and a few bags of manure and humus in the garden. out of the three, coffee, eggs and poo, i was glad to find that the coffee smell over powered. the whole yards smell like a coffee house. my hands and feet are still stained from the grinds.

and then i plants...our seeds sprouted pretty well. corn, carrots, cucumbers, peas and green beans...spinach is still looked kind of puny once i was all done but know or at least i hope it will flourish in no time.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

getting the garden ready

markelle was agreeable to help...not sure he knew what he was getting into

should i have taken my rings off?

three hours of digging and pulling the grass up...finally finished

now we're ready to plant...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009

getting in touch with my inner farm girl

here is the first in what i hope is many successful installments chronicling our first real garden. the boys helped, starting with first eating the pizza that used to be in these boxes then they got to play in the dirt, poke the seeds down and now.... we wait.

"carrots and p's"